5 Restaurants You Must Try Once

As one of the largest cities in America, Chicago certainly has an abundance of fine restaurants. Among these many restaurants, there are a few restaurants that visitors and residents alike should try at least once.

Alinea is located at 1723 N. Halstead. This is a fine dining restaurant that has won several awards. Lobster and squab are featured on the dinner menu.

Shanghai Terrace on Superior Street is a highly-rated restaurant featuring cuisine from Asia and the Pacific Rim. Main courses here include kung pao prawns, crispy duck and Australian red abalone.

La Scarola is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city of Chicago. They serve an extensive menu that includes many pasta choices. Other items featured include steak vesuvio, whitefish and pollo Italiano.

La Fournette is a French cafe at 1547 N. Wells Street. This cafe serves all three meals. They specialize in crepes and quiche.

Finally, Graham Elliot is owned by the famous chef who appears on the FOX program "Masterchef". Both a tasting menu and a chef's menu are offered. Salmon, halibut and lamb are featured on the menus.

The Most Family Friendly Restaurant In The City

Dining out with children isn't always the easiest thing to do. One child may be whining very loudly that he wants to order chocolate cake as his meal instead of the macaroni and cheese you think he should have, while another child keeps throwing her pacifier across the room. In certain restaurants, this would get you glares from other patrons and, if your children are disruptive enough, asked to leave the establishment.
Not at RJ Grunts in Chicago. According to Chicago Parent magazine, this family friendly eatery caters to children and their parents with smile.I was looking for more information and found it here. Located within walking range to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Lincoln Park Zoo, this eatery is conveniently close to other child friendly venues.
One of the features that makes it such a welcoming environment for kids is the stroller valet, something that makes a parent's load just a little bit lighter. The menu is diverse and has a wide range of food that can feed every kind of diner, from salmon to a fresh and uniquely stocked salad bar. The restaurant also offers hand dipped malts and big enough to share brownie sundaes.
Whether you're two years old or an octogenarian, RJ Grunts will welcome you with open arms, stroller valet service and a vast array of food that you simply don't want to miss.

Where To Get The Best Hot Dog

Most people love a good hot dog, but if you want the best hot dog in Chicago, there are a few places to try. Hot Dougs is probably the most popular place to get a hot dog simply because of the variety of things you can put on it. You can get one with only ketchup, or you can go all the way and get a dill pickle spear on top of your dog. The lines can get long at times, but that just means the food is irresistible. Another option is Superdawg. This is a small diner with two dancing hot dogs on the roof. Wieners Circle is a fun place to go if you like to eat outside. It is a popular gathering spot for the college crowds. You can eat inside at one of the small tables or at the counter, but the best part is eating a large hot dog with the works outside in the middle of summer. What's 1 more click? Your boss isn't watching... Ikea finds horse meat in Russian hot dogs

Where To Find The Best Pizza

Finding the best pizza is something that many people have thought about. There is no one answer to finding the best pizza and it seems there are some steps you can take that can help you to find the best pizza for your personal taste. When you find the best pizza, this can become a new favorite that you enjoy for many years. The first thing you want to do is to decide whether you like thin or thick crust. This is often something that is very personal to your taste and making this determination can lead you to the perfect pie. Once you have determined your preference you can begin to look for restaurants that serve this style. You will likely find something that you like very much and possibly a new favorite. You should also look at the type of pizza you eat the most. Specialty pizzas are very popular right now and you might love a particular specialty pizza. You should find out what menus this type of pizza is on and this can lead you to your favorite. Many people love the traditional pizzas and you can find out where these are served and where other people are visiting the most often.

How To Make A Last Minute Dining Reservation

When it comes to dining out, it is often a time where people can enjoy getting out of the house and eat a good meal without having to clean up. Though some restaurants always have tables available, some are always packed and often need reservations. If you've decided you'd like to go out to dinner, but you need to make a last minute dining reservation, here are some ways you can go about doing so: Call up: It's very helpful to have of your favorite dining places programmed in your phone. So, for example, if you're driving around and you'd like to make a reservation before you get there; call them by finding their number in your contacts list. Hop online: If you haven't left the house yet, you can sometimes make a reservation by going to their website online and submitting when you'd like to eat. Use your phone: If you have a smart phone you're in luck. You can hop on their website and make a reservation through their website or through some of the helpful applications that are available on your phone. As you can see, there are some great ways to make a last minute dining reservation.

Where To Find Coupons To Local Restaurants

There are so many great local restaurants that trying them all could get costly. There are some great ways you could try them without breaking the bank. Often in your local pennysaver or weekend paper you can find coupons to many local establishments. Most of the time these coupons will be a buy one entree get a second entree at half price. If you use these for a lunch time meal you could really save alot. A great way to get coupons to your local restaurants is to check out their website. See if they have any printable coupons on their site or if they offer a mailing list for coupons, this way you don't even have to work for them, they will just mail them to your door. Today, thanks to the internet, there are alot of great ways to save money on going out. One great way is by checking out Groupon. You can catch half price gift certificates to many local restaurants and establishments. You can also sign up for coupon mailings from places such as Valpak. Valpak mails out an envelope full of coupons for local restaurants and services in one big envelope. There are many ways you can find coupons for local restaurants. Online search engines, coupon trading sites, but the best way is just phone up the restaurant and ask. Bon apetite!

The Best Cafe To Read A Book

If you are looking for a nice, quiet place to read a book while you enjoy a light meal, there are plenty of cafes in Chicago and other big cities that will serve your purpose. Some of them are described below. The Corner Bakery Cafe has been rated by Parents magazine (July 2009 issue) as "one of the ten best fast- casual restaurants in America;" so it should definitely be first on our list. It started out as a small bread bakery that soon expanded to include other products. The food is both wholesome and delicious. Currently, they are holding a Guest Satisfaction Survey, where one can win 5,000. The Grand Lux Cafe was founded by one who had travelled all over Europe looking for ideas for a small, casual restaurant. Recipes here come from all over the world, from Cajun shrimp & chicken jambalaya to Mediterranean mahi mahi to jalapeo cheese cornbread, and the design is ornate; yet the cafe has a relaxed atmosphere. Cafe Iberico is a "tapas bar" (tapas are small portions of food); its specialty is the cuisine of Spain. Prices are among the most affordable in town; each "tapa" costs from 2 to 7. The four rooms here include a "Sala Medieval" where the walls are decorated much like those of medieval Spanish Muslim fortresses (and a steering wheel), and a "Bar Picoteco." Some menu items: salada mixta, tortilla espaola (the Spanish tortilla is essentially an omelette, unlike the Mexican tortilla), and a soup called calda gallego. Hispanic Magazine called Cafe Iberico "the best Hispanic restaurant in Illinois." Bridgeport Coffeehouse, on the South Side of the city, is less than ten years old (founded in 2004), but it has gained a good reputation for its flavorful coffees and teas. It was once a storefront.

Which Cafe Has The Best Latte

Grabbing a latte can actually turn into an event. It-s not just about getting a drink because it could be the encounter of a lifetime. Many first dates have occurred over a casual latte at the local cafe. That being said, finding just the right place can be tricky. Sure a latte can be found just about anywhere these days, but a great one is a gem. You-ll want to find a caf that understand and honors the beauty of a well-made latte. You will know you have the right place when you look at a menu. If they don-t have a menu then you won-t find the best latte there. If you can-t make have your latte made to order, according to your own specifications, then you may find a good latte there but it will not be the best. Caf-s with many options are your best bet and if you can instruct them as to how you want it made even better. The key to finding the best caf doesn-t end there. You also want to find a place with the right ambiance, this is a big key. If you find a caf that offers great music, a wonderful crowd, made to order latte at a comfortable rate then you have found the best caf.

How To Save Money While Dining Out

Dining out is a great way to spend time with family and friends, but it is also very expensive. The price of going out to eat has increased drastically in the last few years. Fortunately, there are ways that people can save money when dining out. Dining during lunch hours, ordering water and splitting meals are a few things that people can do to save money when dining out.

Most restaurants offer discounts on meals during lunch hours. It may be inconvenient to eat during the lunch hours, but it is a great way to save a few dollars on one's meal. Ordering water is another way that people can save money when dining out. Tea and soft drinks can costs over 2.00. If there are four people, one can end up spending 8.00 on drinks alone. Most restaurants offer water free of charge, so people should consider taking advantage of that.

Most of the expensive meals are large enough for two people to share. Sharing a meal is a great way to save money when dining out. For example, if two people share a meal that costs 25.00 instead of buying an individual meal, the both can save 25.00.

Top 5 Sports Bars To Watch The Game

Chicago has some of the greatest sports in all of America. It is also home to some of the greatest sports bars to watch those sports as well. Here is guide to what many believe are the greatest in all of Chicago.

Murphy's Bleachers is one of the best and maybe the most unique sports bar. The roof top seating with Wrigley field as your view is one reason to love this sports bar. The walls are filled with memorabilia and the drinks are some of the best in the city.

The next sports bar that has become a part of Chicago nightlife is called Sluggers. This bar of course features some great drink specials and offers free pool every Thursday night.

The Schoolyard Tavern has long been a favorite of Chicago sports fans. While watching the game you can enjoy one of sixteen draft beers and enjoy the greatest grilled cheese sandwich on the planet.

One of the best sports bar to keep an eye on every game is gamekeepers Tavern and grill. They have an amazing 35 televisions that keep you up on baseball, NASCAR, football, basketball, and hockey. Live music is also a fantastic part of this tavern.

If you love darts, shuffleboard, and poker then Raven's is your place. You can enjoy all of this and at the same time you can stay updated on all your favorite teams.